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Fix the X Icon in DS4Windows & Make Your PS4/5 Controller Work

How to Make DS4Windows Detect Your PS4/5 Controller

Want to know how to fix the DS4Windows X icon that keeps showing up. Well, the fix is very easy and can be done by enabling the Hide DS4 Controller feature in the setting...
Xbox Elite 2 vs PlayStation DualSense Edge: 9 Comparison (2023)

Xbox Elite 2 vs PlayStation DualSense Edge: Which is the Best Controller for You?

Welcome to our comparison of the Xbox Elite 2 and PlayStation DualSense Edge! It's always exciting to talk about the latest gaming gadgets and accessories, especially when it comes to controllers. Today, we're going...
How To Set Up DS4windows On A Mac Or Windows

How to Set Up DS4Windows and Use Your DualShock Controller on Your PC

Do you want to know how to set up DS4Windows? And are you a gamer who loves using PlayStation DualShock controllers but finds it challenging to use them on your PC or Mac? If...