The Rise of NEOM: Saudi Arabia’s Vision for the Future

Have you heard of the new project NEOM that Saudi Arabia is working on? Do you know all those Sci-Fi movies where an entire city will be inside a bubble or some sort of advanced AI ecosystem? Yes, that is what Saudi Arabia is aiming to build. And not that they are aiming to build, they have started. 

The location is intended to be the world’s first carbon-free megacity, thus there won’t be any automobiles there, nor will there be any roadways for them to drive on. The metropolis will be the most technologically advanced and futuristic city on the entire planet.

The Rise of NEOM: Saudi Arabia's Vision for the Future

What is NEOM: Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is building a new city called NEOM, which is being hailed as a major step forward for the country. NEOM is being built on the Red Sea coast and will be a hub for cutting-edge technology and innovation. The city is being developed with the support of the Saudi government, which has pledged to invest more than $500 billion in its construction.

NEOM is being designed to be a model for sustainable living, with a focus on renewable energy and eco-friendly technologies. Renewable energy sources, including solar and wind power, will power entirely the city. It will also feature advanced transportation systems, including high-speed trains and self-driving vehicles.

One of the main goals of NEOM is to attract high-tech companies and skilled workers from around the world. The city will offer a range of incentives to businesses, including tax breaks and a relaxed regulatory environment. It is also being designed to be a pleasant place to live, with beautiful parks, beaches, and other amenities.

NEOM is being developed with the long-term future in mind. The city is being built to be resilient and adaptable, with the ability to withstand natural disasters and other challenges. It will also be designed to be flexible, allowing for easy changes and updates as technology and society evolve.

In addition to its focus on technology and innovation, NEOM will also be a cultural hub. The city will feature a range of cultural attractions, including museums, galleries, and theaters. It will also be home to a variety of sports and recreational facilities, including golf courses and other outdoor amenities.

How much will The Line City cost?

During the announcement first public announcement of the city in 2021, they stated that the city will use an average of $500 billion. But later, Suadi Arabia announced that the budget has been adjusted and the brand-new budget totals a staggering $717 billion. Obviously, we expected the price to keep rising in the following years to come.

Take Away On Saudi Arabia New City: NEOM

Overall, NEOM is an exciting development for Saudi Arabia and the world. The city has the potential to be a global leader in technology and sustainability, and its success could inspire other cities around the world to follow suit.


Can I live in Neom?

Yes, you can live in Neom as a civilian or a worker. But the closest city will be thousands of miles away from you, so you will definitely want to be working there.

How High Is The Line In Saudi Arabia?

NEOM is made of a glass-reinforced wall that is said to be 500m high.

Where Will NEOM Be Built In?

The line will be built in a city in the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia called Tabuk Province.

What Does NEOM Stand For?

NEOM stands for New Future. They made it from the Greek word neos, meaning “new,” and mustaqbal, the Arabic word for “future.”

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