Everything You Need to Know About Skaar, Hulk’s Son

The last episode of She-Hulk was kind of chaotic, but what drew the attention of many watchers there was when The Hulk (Bruce Banner) revealed his son, Skaar, for the first time in the MCU. You are all here reading this article because you just watched the last episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and you would like to get some answers.

Everything You Need to Know About Skaar, Hulk's Son

Who is Skaar?

Skar is the first-born son of The Hulk, but not the son of Brice Barner. I mean, technically he is. He is an antihero that was first introduced in the What If? Planet Hulk #1. We will discuss everything you need to know about Hulk and theories on how the MCU will play it out.

Origins of Skaar – Based on The Comics

As we stated above, he is the first son of the Hulk. Skaar was first mentioned in the first issue of What If? Planet Hulk. You must first understand the backstory for you to completely know the origins of Skaar. In the comics, it all began after the Illuminati banished the Hulk from Earth. The Illuminati tricked the Hulk into boarding a Space Pod and then sending him away.

The Illuminati did this with good intentions, to protect humanity. They set the Space Pods course to land on a peaceful uninhabited planet with lots of vegetation, but the Space Pod got knocked off course. The space pod landed on Sakaar instead. Hulk became imprisoned and was forced to become a gladiator. Then, after some years passed by, the Hulk decided to fight for his freedom with the shadow people fighting by his side. After seizing control of Sakaar, he ascended to the throne and married Caiera, an alien from the Shadow People who had aided his coup.

After some time, Hulk and Caiera conceived a baby. Hulk lived peacefully as a hero and as a leader to the people of Sakaar. They loved it so much that they built a statue of him with the pod that he arrived with beside the statue. On a faithful afternoon after the Hulk and the Shadow People came back from a mission. The people of Sakaar were celebrating their successful mission, not knowing the calamity that would fall on them.

The Hulk heard a warning sound from the Space Pod, and he quickly covered his wife before the ship exploded. Unfortunately, the explosion killed everyone apart from him, including his wife. What the Hulk didn’t know was his child survived the explosion and was alive. Hulk went back to earth for his revenge while his child Sakaar had to fend for himself.


Skaar lived all alone for a very long time, right from birth. He had all the abilities of a Hulk and he also had all the powers from Caiera, his mother. So, he could survive in any given condition he found himself in. Skaar quickly realized that to survive, he had to kill. In the comics, we know Skaar as the Barbaric version of the Hulk. He is also an AntiHero.

Skaar seeks revenge on the Hulk because he thinks that he killed his mother. The Hulk came back to Sakaar and the both of them started to fight with no time to discuss and clear things out. The Hulk Recognizes the resemblance between his wife and Skaar. They finally stop fighting, and the Hulk explains everything to Skaar.


Skaar is the son of The Hulk and Caiera. They as given birth on the planet Sakaar, where the Hulk was banished. He is an antihero with daddy issues.

She-Hulk | Skaar In MCU – Theory on How Marvel Will Make it Happen

She-hulk is a magnificent series that Disney and Marvel made, the show is excellent. But I wouldn’t say that the storyline was very good, it was just alright. We believe that what happened in the comic will play out differently in the MCU. When Hulk was Sakaar, he was not the ruler. So, let’s see how the possible ways that Skaar will get into the MCU.

We believe that when Bruce Banner was stuck in the Hulk form, The Hulk would mingle around here and there since he was a most famous gladiator and everyone loved him. Maybe that is how Skaar got conceived. Or he got married. That is not possible because no one seems to mention that the Hulk has a wife throughout the Thor: Ragnarok movie. Another possible theory is the grandmaster kept the baby hidden from the Hulk.

In the first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law It was a ship from Sakaar that caused the car accident. The Hulk says that he is on an important mission in Sakaar, but he doesn’t say what. But we know that they relate it to his son.

Also, When She-Hulk was literally on the fourth wall, she mentioned something about a movie. So, we are now reassured that we are getting a Hulk movie very soon.