Online Local Cloud Storages/Drives For Windows PCs That You Need To Know

Nowadays, cloud storage is widespread to everyday people, unlike before when it was only business people and IT guys that used it. There are many cloud storage now, some are reliable and some are not. It is left for us to do our research on which is the best.

So, using the popularity, credibility, and age of the cloud storage provider. We came to the conclusion with this pair of cloud storage.

  1. Google Drive
  2. OneDrive
The 2 Cloud Storage/Drive For Windows You Need To Know

The Two (2) Online Cloud Storage/Drive You Need On Your Windows PC

As we said before, we did our research to provide you with the best, and that is what we will give you. Keep in mind, these two cloud storages that will be listed are the only cloud storages but the ones that I and many others consider their go-to online drive.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage that almost everyone who has access to the internet uses or will soon use. The thing about Google Drive is that it connects to almost all your applications or whatever you do on the internet. Unlike other cloud storages, Google Drive has the largest free cloud given to their subscribers.

Advantages of Using Google Drive

Using Google Drive has many perks. Aside from the perks of being a cloud storage, it also has other perks of being a Google cloud storage. here are the perks listed below:

  • Everyone with a Gmail account has an attached Google Drive account.
  • You can connect your Google Drive with your Google apps. Google apps like Google Photos, Google Music, Google One and so many more.
  • As a user, you get Free 15GB storage.

How to Set up Google Drive On Your Windows

Getting a Google Drive account is as easy as turning on your phone. But installing Google Drive on your Windows PC is not as easy. Installing a Google Drive local storage will allow you to keep the cloud storage on your Windows PC along with your local disk. To install Google Drive on your Windows PC, follow this step-by-step method:

  1. Go to the Google Drive webpage and click Download Drive for Desktop.
  2. Allow the setup (GoogleDriveSetup.exe) to download.
  3. Install GoogleDriveSetup.exe on your Windows PC.
  4. Click on Google Drive Shortcut on your desktop.
  5. Sign into your Google account.

That’s all! You are done! You can now see the Google Drive Cloud Storage on your windows. The cloud storage is next to your Local Disk Storage in your This PC folder.

You can save anything into the cloud storage, as long as you are connected to the internet.

2. OneDrive

Just like Google Drive, OneDrive is also cloud storage that you can use on your Windows Computer. Also, OneDrive has applications that sync with the OneDrive like Google Drive and its other products.

Advantages of Using OneDrive

Here are some of the advantages of using OneDrive as your preferred cloud storage. The advantages are somewhat similar to that of Google Drive.

  • It comes with your Windows computer.
  • It syncs with all Microsoft products. Products like Microsoft office, word, and edge.
  • Just recently, OneDrive is now Samsung’s official cloud storage. So, if you have a Samsung, you can sync it with all your Samsung products like Gallery, Notes, Contacts and so many more.
  • A OneDrive Microsoft account comes with free 5GB storage. However, if you have a Microsoft 365 plan, then you will get 1TB of storage.

How To Set up OneDrive On Your Windows

To set up OneDrive on a Windows computer is easier than any other cloud storage. Can you guess why? That is because Microsoft owns both OneDrive and Windows computers. So, you don’t need to install any program, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1.  Go to Settings on your Windows computer.
  2. Click on OneDrive on the above menu.

If you have logged into your Microsoft account on your Windows computer, then you don’t need to do anything as a window will pop up and that will be your OneDrive storage. But if you have not signed into your Microsoft account, then you need to sign in to gain access.

Advantages Of Using Cloud Storage On Windows

There are not many advantages, but there the little there is, it is good enough to pass off. Okay, let’s not get into the advantages without wasting any more time.

1. No need for an Extra or External Storage Device

Obviously, without cloud storage on your PC, you would definitely want to keep your personal or important documents in a backup device. But if you have cloud storage, you don’t have to have an extra storage device. You just need to save your preferred data into the cloud and that is all.

2. Easy Access and Sharing of Files Across Devices

With your files in the cloud, you can easily access them on other devices and share them across any of your devices seamlessly. Unlike on external storage devices where you need to connect the device to your PC to access or share the data.

3. Your Files Will Be Encrypted

Well no duh! If you need a password or some form of identification to gain access to the cloud storage, then definitely your files are very much secured. But in the case of using external storage devices, your files are very prone to leaks. In this case, all someone has to do is to get their hands on the external storage device.

Conclusion The Cloud Storage You Needed To Know

Lastly, given all that you just read, will you be willing to get yourself online storage and which one will you be getting? Let me know in the comment, it really will be helpful in another research I am working on.

Moreso, if you are already using cloud storage and decide to switch because of this article. Let me know the online storage service you are switching from and the one you will be switching to.

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