List of Xbox Cloud Gaming Sports Video Games Available To Play

With Xbox Cloud Gaming, you have access to a variety of sports video games that will test your skills and challenge your abilities. So, what are you waiting for? Strap on your virtual cleats, grab your controller and get ready to hit the virtual field. With Xbox Cloud Gaming’s selection of sports video games, the possibilities are endless!

List of Xbox Cloud Gaming Sports Video Games Available To Play

What Is A Sports Video Game

A sports video game is a specialized kind of video game that mimics the experience of playing a part in a sporting event. Players can manage virtual athletes or teams in these games. Players can compete against other players or artificially intelligent opponents. Video games about sports frequently have realism in their aesthetics, physics, and gameplay mechanics. They mirror the rules and strategy of the genuine sport.

List Of Xbox Cloud Gaming Sports Video Games Available To Play

Whether you’re a fan of cricket, tennis, soccer, golf, racing, or other sports, you’re sure to find a game that will keep you entertained for hours. So, here is a list of Xbox Cloud Gaming sports video games that were available to play:

  1. Cricket 22
  2. Descenders
  3. DIRT 5
  4. F1® 2021
  5. Football Manager 2023 Console
  6. Golf With Your Friends
  7. Joy Ride Turbo
  8. Lonely Mountains: Downhill
  9. Matchpoint – Tennis Championships
  10. MLB® The Show™ 22 Xbox Series X | S
  11. MotoGP™22
  12. PAW Patrol: Grand Prix
  13. Shredders
  14. Skate 3
  15. skate. (2007)
  16. Soccer Story
  17. Super Mega Baseball 3
  18. theHunter: Call of the Wild
  19. Turbo Golf Racing (Game Preview)

Please be aware that depending on the region and the level of subscription, the games may not always be available.


In conclusion, sports video games are specialized video games that simulate the experience of participating in a sporting event. Xbox Cloud Gaming offers a variety of sports video games for players to choose from, including cricket, tennis, soccer, golf, racing, and more. These games often aim to provide a realistic experience, mimicking the rules and strategies of the real sport. Availability of these games may vary depending on region and subscription status.

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