List of Xbox Cloud Gaming Racing & Flying Video Games Available To Play

Are you looking for a List of Xbox Cloud Gaming Racing & Flying Video Games that are Available To Play? And do you have a need for speed? Look no further than the Xbox Cloud Gaming’s vast library of racing and flying video games. From realistic simulations to fantastical adventures, there’s something for every type of player. Take control of the wheel or the cockpit and experience the thrill of high-speed action from the comfort of your own device.

List of Xbox Cloud Gaming Racing & Flying Video Games Available To Play

What Are Racing & Flying Video Games?

There is no real definition of racing & Flying Video Games. However, we can generate an accurate definition. To do this, we have to define racing games and flying games separately. A racing game is a genre of video game in which players participate in a racing competition. It is mostly a simulation of real-life racing, with actual cars. Also, it can also be in a form of a fantasy or fictional setting.

A flying game is a genre of game that simulates flight. In this case, it just not necessarily means a vehicle. It can be in any form. Popular games like Flight Simulator is an example of real-life simulations. Moreso, games like Lego Marvel, where characters can fly, are an example of a fictional setting.

So, with these definitions, we can safely have an accurate meaning to Racing & Flying games. Therefore, a Racing & Flying Video Game is a subgenre of both racing games and flying games. It is a game that has either any of the mechanics, which is Racing/Flying or both.

List of Xbox Cloud Gaming Racing & Flying Video Games Available To Play

There are more than twenty games in this category. Some of them are popular, like the Forza Horizon games and Need For Speed games. However, there are 21 games here and any of these can become your new favorite. So, here’s a list of Xbox Cloud Gaming sports video games that are currently available to play:

  1. Banjo Kazooie: N n B
  2. Chorus
  3. Crimson Skies®: High Road to Revenge™
  4. DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace
  5. DIRT 5
  6. Exo One
  7. F1® 2021
  8. Forza Horizon 4
  9. Forza Horizon 5
  10. GRID Legends
  11. Joy Ride Turbo
  12. Lonely Mountains: Downhill
  13. MotoGP™22
  14. Need for Speed™ Heat
  15. Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit Remastered
  16. PAW Patrol: Grand Prix
  17. STAR WARS™: Squadrons
  18. Trailmakers
  19. Turbo Golf Racing (Game Preview)
  20. Wreckfest
  21. You Suck at Parking

Please note that the availability of games may vary depending on the region and the subscription level.

Final Thoughts Xbox Cloud Gaming Racing & Flying Video Games

In conclusion, Xbox Cloud offers a diverse collection of racing and flying video games that will satisfy any adrenaline junkie’s cravings. With its constantly updating library and ability to stream on multiple platforms, you can access these games at any time and from anywhere. So why wait? Rev up your engines and take flight with Xbox Cloud Gaming Racing & Flying Video Games today!

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