How to Get Natural Smiling Photos as a Photographer

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and thought, “Nah, this smile looks forced”? Well, that is because the picture taken of yourself smiling is not a natural smiling photo. That is why photographers take multiple shots of you just to get that one shot of you smiling naturally. Those shots need skill and experience to capture. In this article, we will be providing you with ways to get natural smiling photos in your next photoshoot. Also, we will drop a 100% guaranteed natural smile photo tip as a bonus.

How to Get Natural Smiling Photos as a Photographer


How to Get Natural Smiling Photos

Before taking a photo, you have to guide them on how to position their bodies and facial expressions. Also, you have to provide good lighting that will register with their skin tone and other things. But there is one thing that most photographers forget: we don’t even bother doing natural smiling photos.

Natural smiling photos are photos that have you or a subject smiling without thinking, like reflexes. This means that they are not forced. There are several ways to get natural smiles from your photoshoots. They are not easy to capture those smiles. All you have to do is follow these steps.

1. Engage With Your Subject

Do you know how masseuses usually talk to you when they are giving you a massage? This is to relieve you of any stress. Also, it is to make you comfortable. Even in photography, it is good to converse with your subjects. This makes them relax and might help them surface a good natural smile. Moreso, you can also encourage them to relax and have fun.

Also, you can play some music. We know that music relaxes and soothes. So, pay for some music or, better yet, ask them to choose whatever they want. This will make them relax and in time, the subject will be smiling ear to ear.

2. Capture an Off Guard or Impromptu Photo of The Subjects

Imagine you are just sitting down and a guy just suddenly starts trying to pictures of you. The first thing your face would do is smile in confusion. That smile is natural. You should try out many tactics to catch your subjects off guard. Also, before you get to capture photos of your subjects off guard, you have to make sure that the subject already had good lighting. This is so that you don’t have to take the picture again. This ruined the impromptu photo.

3. Make Your Subjects Laugh

Do you know what makes me laugh? A good joke makes me laugh. Making your subjects laugh can make can provide you with great photos. Photos of which are not only of natural smiles but of natural laughter, which is like a photographer’s gold mine.

Before you start cracking jokes, try to analyze your subjects. This will make you know how strong their sense of humor is. Also, by doing this, you would not want to look like a try-hard weirdo who wants to make people laugh. This can make the subjects uncomfortable or make them want to leave quickly.

4. Take Multiple Shots of Every Shoot

Taking multiple shots of every shoot means that you should keep clicking the shutter button. One of them will probably capture a natural smile. Not only might capture a natural smile, but you might also even capture a natural smile with great lightning and skin tone.

5. Compliment Your Subjects to Get Natural Smiling Photos

Humans are creatures that line compliments. You can probably make someone do something he does not want to do just by simply complimenting them or boosting morale. Also, you know when you are being complimented; you tend to smile. Well, that smile is natural.

You can use that to your advantage. It is possible to compliment their dress, voice, outfit, shoes, handsomeness, or prettiness. There will be a big smile on their face. So, you will make your subjects feel good and you will feel good taking the photo. So it’s a win-win situation for all.

6. Show The Subjects The Photos you Took As you Go

You are aware that some people are insecure about their physical appearance. Showing your subjects photos of themselves and making them see how beautiful they are on the camera will boost their morale. This would make them happier and happier people tend to smile a lot. So, show them the photos and let them see how great they look on camera and in real life.

7. Create a Fun or Playful atmosphere for the Subjects are Kids

Photographers don’t just take grown-ups as their subjects, they also get kids too. Therefore, with kids, you will use a different approach. The one that the kids would enjoy. You can do that by creating a fun and playful atmosphere by adding toys to the set. The atmosphere will make the kids excited to be at the photoshoot.

Also, try making the environment fun, and you can make silly faces. The kids love silly faces. Also, try not to yell at them or be too uptight. Since they are kids, once they are shaken, we can’t easily bring them back.

8. Asking the Subjects to Think of Joyful Memories

Whether it is a grown-up or a kid, asking your subjects to think of a happy memory will trigger some natural smiles. This works for both kids and grown-ups. However, make sure that the kids are old enough to have memories, if you know what I mean.

Guarantee Natural Smiling Photos Tip and Trick

How to Get Natural Smiling Photos as Photographers


As we promised, we will provide you with a tip that will surely get a natural smile from your subjects one hundred percent (100%). This means that every time you try this move, you will get a natural smile, always. So, to achieve this, all you have to do is.

  • Countdown from 10 to 1 or 1 to 10.
  • Place the camera on your face like you are ready to take a photo.
  • When you reach half of the countdown, 5. Take away the camera from your face and smile at the subject while counting down.
  • When you see a smile on their faces, take a photo.

This will make the subjects instantly feel the urge to smile and you can take advantage of that opportunity. So, with this, you can take a guaranteed natural smile photoshoot. You can also check this page for 3 sure ways to get natural smiling photos.

Conclusion on How to Get Natural Smiling Photos as a Photographer

Finally, getting natural smiling images takes time, talent, and the appropriate attitude. You may generate spontaneous and genuine grins from your photoshoot subjects by connecting with them, capturing impromptu moments, making them laugh, taking many photographs, complementing them, showing them the photos as you go, establishing a fun atmosphere, and encouraging them to think about joyful memories.

We hope you found this information educational and useful for your future photographic ventures. We encourage you to try these suggestions and share your results in the comments area below. Your suggestions and opinions assist us in improving and providing better content to our readers. So, please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.

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