Is the PS Vita still worth it in 2023?

Do you know that the PS Vita is still being played by hundreds of thousands of people? Although it is not a handheld console of this time, it is still good. Back when Sony made handheld consoles, they were at the top of the food chain. Until they stopped and it has been 4 years since then. In this article, I will give the major reason why it still worth buying in 2023.

Is the PS Vita Still Worth Buying In 2023?


Major Reasons Why Its Still Worth It Buying The PS Vita in 2023 

Amongst other things, the PS Vita was the most popular handheld consoles at it’s time. Although, time does not wait for anyone and their are now many other handheld consoles. Handheld consoles like the Steam Deck and the Nintendo Switch. Which are both regular yearly handheld console producers. Also, I did a bit on steam deck review and steam deck tips and tricks, if you want to check them out.

However, that does not mean that the PS handheld console is not worth it anymore. On the contrary, there are still hundreds of thousands to a million people that still use the handheld console. They use it mainly because of all of the games on it are unlocked. This means that all the games are available on a modded version of it. So, the major reason why it is still worth buying the PS Vita in 2023 is the ability to easily mod your device straight from the device itself.

How to Mod The PS Vita Straight From The Device In 2023

When Sony uses to release the PS Vita yearly, they regularly brings a software update. This software updates comes with security patches which made it hard to users to mod their device.

However, now you can mod the PS Vita straight from the device. You don’t need a PC  or you don’t need a technical person to do it. All you need is a fully charged and working PS Vita with internet connection. To do this, follow this simple step by step below.

  1. On your PS Vita, go to the browser application and open it.
  2. Enter, then click ok.

After doing these steps, your PS Vita will automatically mod itself. You don’t need to do any other thing, all you will do is watch it do its job.

  1. After it has been modded, go to Vita deploy in the settings.
  2. Then, go to app downloader.
  3. Then from there you can install any game that is available and playable on the PS handheld console.

NOTE: Just make sure you use the PKG store to download and install your games. If not it will not work.


To sum it up, the PS Vita is still a worthy handheld console. It is still being used in 2023 because it now had the ability to mod itself. Giving the user ability to download any game available to the device. So, knowing all this, will you want to get a PS Vita for yourself? Do you already have one? Tell us your experience in the comments section below.

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