Deposit/Transfer Money to Kuda Bank with USSD Transfer [2024 Guide]

Tired of relying on shaky internet for simple bank transfers? Say hello to USSD transfer, your key to easy transfer to your Kuda Bank. This article goes into this convenient mobile banking service, showing you exactly how to:

  • Deposit money to your Kuda account without an internet connection using USSD codes for popular Nigerian banks like GTBank, Zenith Bank, and more.
  • Navigate USSD transfers for non-listed banks with Kuda’s unique bank code.
  • Discover alternative methods like debit card transfers and physical bank deposits (for GTBank and Zenith Bank) for even greater flexibility.
Deposit/Transfer Money to Kuda Bank with USSD Transfer (2024)

USSD transfer, an abbreviation for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data transfer, has emerged as a convenient mobile banking service. This service allows users to effortlessly transfer money between bank accounts using a USSD code on their phones, eliminating the need for an internet connection.

How to Deposit/Transfer Money to Kuda Using USSD

If you’re looking to deposit money into your Kuda account using USSD transfer, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open the Kuda app and log in with your account details.
  2. On the home screen, locate and tap on the “Add money” button below your balance.
  3. From the options provided, select USSD, which will redirect you to the “Add By USSD” menu.
  4. Input the desired amount you wish to deposit into your Kuda account.
  5. Choose your bank from the list of six commercial banks with corresponding USSD short codes:
    • GTBank: *737*50*amount*416#
    • Zenith Bank: *966*amount*account number#
    • Access Bank: *901*amount*account number#
    • First Bank of Nigeria: *894*amount*account number#
    • Wema Bank: *945*account number*amount#
    • Polaris Bank: *833*amount*account number#
  6. Tap on the USSD short code of your selected bank and grant permission for the Kuda app to make phone calls.
  7. Confirm the USSD shortcode by tapping on the “Yes” button, initiating the dialing process.
  8. Enter the 4-digit pin associated with your bank account to complete the deposit to your Kuda account. Note that the transfer process remains consistent across all listed commercial banks.
  9. Once you’ve successfully completed these steps, your money will be deposited into your Kuda account. Be aware that transfer fees for USSD transactions to Kuda are equivalent to regular transfer fees imposed by your commercial bank.

For Users with Banks Not Listed:

If your commercial bank is not among those listed, fret not. You can still deposit or transfer money to your Kuda account using your bank’s transfer code. During this process, you will be prompted to enter the three-letter code for Kuda bank, which is ‘KUD.’

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Alternative Methods for Adding Money to Your Kuda Account

Aside from USSD transfers, Kuda offers various alternative methods for adding money to your account:

  1. Debit card
  2. Mobile app transfer
  3. Physical bank deposit (Only applicable for GTBank and Zenith Bank)

Utilizing USSD transfers to deposit money into your Kuda account offers a seamless and efficient solution. Whether you follow the provided USSD short codes or resort to alternative methods, Kuda ensures a user-friendly experience for enhancing your mobile banking transactions.